Mideer Who am I


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Includes: 6 puzzles / 30 pieces

Puzzle helps to train your little one’s observation ability, and fine motor skills. This is a career matching puzzle. Your kid will learn to recognize different careers, such as police officer, doctor, astronaut, fireman, clown and chef. Your little one needs to match the occupation with its related tools or items to complete the puzzle. This colourful puzzle set helps kids to recognize colours too.
The puzzle is double-sided printed with non-toxic ink. Safe for 3 years old and above.

How to play:
Basic method: Choose an occupation randomly, eg chef which is pink in colour. Gather all the pink pieces to find the related occupational tools/items. Complete the puzzle. Teach your kid about the occupation and explain the tools/items that related to the occupation.
Advanced method 1: Choose an occupation randomly. Identify occupational tools/items that associate with the occupation. Complete the puzzle.
Advanced method 2: Choose a occupational tool/item randomly. Find other pieces that associate with the chosen tool/item. Complete the puzzle.