Groomy Organic Granola Crumble


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Organic Granola Crumble is formulated for babies 8+ months. Made from a mixture of 5 organic ingredients which are rolled oats, apricots, figs, raisins, and virgin coconut oil.

Organic Granola Crumble is also a source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber for toddlers. It is very versatile. Organic Granola Crumble can be made into biscuits, cake toppings, or as easily mixed with yogurt. It is very healthy and gives more energy to the baby.

Organic food is free of pesticides, does not use chemicals from fertilizers, water sources, and so on. So, the baby grows better.

150g (Serving Per Pack = 6):-
Organic (No Chemicals)
No Added Sugar
No added salt
No Preservatives
No Coloring

Organic Oats
Organic Apricots
Organic Raisins
Organic Figs
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Preparation Method:-
Suitable as a baby or toddler snack or,
Mix with milk, yogurt, etc
Add into baby’s favorite food. Example: cake, pudding

Storage Instruction:-
Keep in a cool and dry place.