Groomy Kids Tomato Ketchup Green Veggies


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Kids Tomato Ketchup Green Veggies is a mixture of Tomato with Spinach Powder and Organic Broccoli Powder. It is rich in vitamins and a source of antioxidants that help strengthen kids’ bones as well as improve development of their eyes.

It is appropriate for children aged 1 year and above. 230 ml, expires in 2 years.

It is used as a flavoring and in cooking.

230ml (10ml (Serving Per Bottle = 23)):-

  • Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • No White Sugar
  • No White Salt
  • No Coloring


  • Tomato
  • Organic Broccoli Powder
  • Spinach Powder
  • Organic Raw Cane Sugar
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Vinegar

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