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Funbies Clover baby cot set w/ mattress, mosquito net


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As you can see from the four posts of the baby cot, it is designed with the shape similar to Four-leaf Clover. According to traditional superstition, four-leaf clover brings good luck as it is a rare variation of the common three-leaf clover. Our designer inspired by the meaning of four-leaf clover and wish Clover Baby Cot brings good luck to you and your baby. Not only that, another important point of this design is because of the shape. All of our products design with rounded edges to ensure the safety of your baby.

Clover Baby Cot encompasses simple and subtle design. It comes with two different color and either one can easily match with your room design! The drop side of the baby cot adopt natural wood color spindle which has clear and beautiful wood grain. Clover Baby Cot possess the function of one-handed operation. You can easily carry your baby in and out from the baby cot. Clover Baby Cot is built to last beyond the years of your child. It can be converted to sofa bed when your child grows up.

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