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Babies and toddlers have to battle drooly chins, dry cheeks and runny red noses, not to mention grumpy skin from colds and teething. Cruelty-free Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm was formulated to be comforting, soothing and moisturizing, and an organic alternative to petroleum jelly. Certified organic ultra-rich calendula coconut balm is especially good for slathering around baby’s mouth: NO petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance or preservatives.

Need maximum mini-portability? The .5 oz travel tube may be the best thing since car ride naps. Really. You?ll want to stash one everywhere ? you never know where you?ll be when chap happens.

Organic ultra-rich calendula coconut balm soothes baby faces
Pediatrician approved Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation
EWG Verified, with the lowest hazard rating possible
The only non-vegan ingredient? Organic beeswax ? that’s been ethically sourced in a bee-centric manner
Helps ease drooly, dry chin, and runny, red noses
NO petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance, or preservatives
Helps keep dry skin soft and moisturized
Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth