Baby Organix Sensitive Trio Set – Hydrating Cream Bath, Gentle Hair Shampoo & Nature’s First Aid


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Gentle Hair Shampoo

Baby’s delicate hair gets the mildest care with Babyorganix Gentle Hair Shampoo. Specially formulated with hydrolyzed soy protein to strengthen baby’s hair. Vitamin E in our shampoo guards against environmental damage caused to the hair. Eczema and sensitive skin issues are not just confined to the skin on the body, but the scalp tends to itch and flake too. Washing your chils’s hair with normal baby shampoos is not the wisest thing to do, as they are not generally formulated to address sensitive scalps. Switch to an all-natural shampoo made especially for gentle, everyday use. BabyOrganix Gentle Hair Shampoo is yet unmatched in its gentleness and effectiveness in cleaning and caring for delicate hair and scalp. How to Use: Squirt some Shampoo onto your palm and lather up the shampoo on baby’s hair. Clean baby’s hair and rinse thoroughly with water.

Hydrating Cream Bath:

BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath is calming and soothing with lavender to nurture your baby’s sensitive skin and ensure essential moisture is protected with our mild formulation minus those harmful chemicals. Doctors have always advised against the use of soap to clean the skin of eczema sufferers.Soaps contain chemicals which are generally drying and this aggravates eczema and itching. Instead, use BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath and let your child feel the difference during every bath. How to use: Squirt some Hydrating Cream Bath onto your palm onto a wet flannel. Wipe baby down from top to toe. As for toddler, lather the cream from top and work it downwards to the whole body and rinse thoroughly.

Nature’s First Aid Cream:

This special healing pot & calendula cream heals all skin conditions such as : eczema,burns, crackers skin, cuts ,wounds & more.Nature’s First Aid is your best companion you can always turn to. It helps in the treatment and control of almost all skin related ailments and injuries. Nature’s First Aid is especially formulated with Organic Calendula Oil, a plant based antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged, heal wounds and soothe skin, all natural goodies in a jar. When treating eczema, parents often dread trying product after product only to find that they?re too harsh or are not as effective as advertised. Turn to Nature’s First Aid Cream, a safe and natural treatment for sensitive skin issues including eczema! It’s a natural product in the truest sense of the word, containing no harmful chemicals of any kinds. Formulated with organic Calendula Oil, a plant-based antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged, it helps to heal wounds and soothe skin. Contains no steroids either! Apart from the gentle and effective healing of eczema, BabyOrganix Nature’s First Aid Cream is also excellent for treating seborrheic dermatitis(infant cradle cap), dermatitis, dry, cracked skin, burns of any kind, cold sores, cuts, bruises, wounds &more. How to use: Gently apply First Aid Cream on your baby’s skin to stay moisture.