Baby Organix Sanitising Water


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Naturally Kinder is specially formulated with 100% plants based ingredients. The organics content is developed in USA as a revolutionary 100% natural Sanitising Water that kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus, and virus in seconds. Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water is:
? A unique and safe Sanitiser
? Can be safely used on the body (from birth)
? Can be used on hard surfaces
? Can be used on surfaces that come into contact with a baby’s mouth
? Perfect to sanitise soothers, teethers and feeding equipment when out and about.
Extensive research and test results from applications of this gentle yet effective product has proven its effectiveness against dozens of disease-causing pathogens including those that cause skin infections. Causes absolutely no side-effects apart from keeping your family and you cleaner and healthier, in a more hygienic environment. We love to keep our baby nursery clean, fresh, germs and toxic. Free, We believe you are the same and will find our Sanitising water indispensable.

How To Use: Spray on the surface or toys that you would like to sanitize. No rinse required.