Baby Organix O’Clean Laundry Powder Antiseptic


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BabyOrganix O?Clean Laundry Powder is the laundry powder with Zero ?O? nasty ingredients, protecting your home, safer for the environment, and yet removing the toughest stains on your baby clothes and diapers.
Your family’s clothes come out naturally clean, fresh, and residue-less after every use.
As always in our philosophy to make products with love & care, we believe it is important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals like optical brightener, dye, chlorine bleach, and enzymes. As a result, our powder is kinder to your skin and safer option for sensitive skin, and safer for the environment.
This product is Super concentrated and low suds formulation perfect for all machines, easy rinse formulation to prevent re-depositing of stains and dirt during wash, free from dye, enzymes, phosphate, and optical brighteners and all nasty chemical, natural-based ingredients, easily biodegradable, safer for your home and our planet and lastly suitable for baby clothes and even your delicate

How To Use:
For heavily soiled areas, pour directly onto fabric and rub. Then add the item immediately to the washer.

Normal Washing:
Fill scoop to top for large loads. Use more detergent for larger or heavily soiled loads, less for smaller loads.