Baby Organix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser


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Babyorganix Kid’s Wear Liquid Cleanser It’s specifically formulated to be tough on stains that clings to kid’s clothing. No artificial fragrances or harsh detergent is used. It’s specially formulated to be tough on stains that clings to kid’s clothing. The eco-friendly biodegradable formula is phosphate-fee, dye free, hypo-allergenic and allow through rinse-offs, leaving no residue on fabrics. It cleans so well, you?ll forget that their clothes were dirty in the first place. It is our philosophy in BabyOrganix to use premium natural or plant derived ingredients in all our product. The low-suds eco-friendly and biodegradable formula is phosphate free, dye-free an hypo-allergenic too! It rinses off with no residue. Little clothes and apparel will seem like they were never dirty to begin with! Made from premium natural plant-derived ingredients with no artificial fragrances or harsh detergents. May be used as pre-treatment for heavily soiled clothes too.When you have to clean filthy or stained clothing, Babyorganix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser is all you need. Specially formulated to be tough on stains, this eco-friendly biodegradable formula removes stains so well you?ll forget that the clothes were ever dirty in the first place! This product is easy rinse formula, can prevent skin rash, people friendly, earth friendly and 100% natural.

How To Use: Pre-Treat ? For heavily soiled areas,pour directly onto fabric and rub.Then add item immediately to washer. Normal washing: ?Fill cap to top for large loads.Use more for larger or heavily soiled loads,less for smaller loads.