Baby Organix Hand Sanitizer


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Its active ingredient has proven to sanitize the hand without leaving any harmful residues.
Giving everyone a peace of mind when cleaning with water is not possible.
Natural Kinder Hand sanitize is a 100% plant based anti-pathogen developed in the USA. It’s safe to swallow formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus and virus
Safe to use on baby and sensitive skin. Alcohol Free.
A completely safe hand sanitizing product designed to be non-toxic , and gentle. Works in two-ways. First, by interfering with the cellular membrane of the microbe resulting in a leakage of the cellular content. Second, it interferes with the respiration at cellular level resulting in the death of the microbe leaving hands clean and germ-free.
This product is safe to swallow, non-toxic, antibacterial,100% Natural for hands, skin and more.

How it works: Spray the hand sanitiser on your hand and rub evenly to sanitise all the surfaces