Baby Organix Gentle Hair Shampoo


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Baby’s delicate hair gets the mildest care with Baby Organix Gentle Hair Shampoo. Specially formulated with hydrolyzed soy protein to strengthen baby’s hair.Vitamin E in our shampoo guard against environmental damage caused to the hair. Babyorganix Gentle Hair Shampoo is also free from harmful chemicals such as SLS, Paraben,Mineral oil and methylisothiazolinone which makes it safer for baby’s delicate hair and scalp. Eczema and sensitive skin issues are not just confined to the skin on the body, but the scalp tends to itch and flake too. Washing your child’s hair with normal baby shampoos is not the wisest thing to do, as they are not generally formulated to address sensitive scalps. Switch to an all-natural shampoo made especially for gentle, everyday use. BabyOrganix Gentle Hair Shampoo is yet unmatched in its gentleness and effectiveness in cleaning and caring for delicate hair and scalp. Gentle and non-irritating for daily us. Natural skin-friendly bubble bath, body wash and shampoo. Gentle cleansing properties to retain natural skin and scalp oils. Scent-free and ultra-gentle for delicate young skin. Protects young, delicate skin from dryness and irritation. Great value ? a little goes a long way, lasting considerably longer than off-the-shelf products. Suitable for sensitive skin prone to eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis

How To Use: Squirt some Shampoo onto your palm and lather up the shampoo on baby’s hair. Clean baby’s hair and rinse thoroughly with water.