Baby Organix Baby Bottom Soothing Cream


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Protect baby’s little booty, the gentle, natural way! BabyOgranix Baby Bottom Soothing Cream is made by Sunflower Oil,Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to soothe and comfort baby’s precious skin. Vitamin E nourishes while prebiotics alpha-glucan oligosaccharides protect baby delicate skin. This cream is great for babies with allergies and sensitive skin as it does not contain any harsh chemical. Choosing the right cream for your little one can be a challenge especially he or she has really sensitive skin. BabyOrganix Baby Bottom Soothing Cream is made to solve all your worries away. Protection, nourishment and easy to use

How To Use: Apply cream liberally to clean skin with each nappy change,and as often as needed,especially at bedtime.