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Sunny Tales Alphabets Antibacterial Puzzle (Yellow/White)


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Sunny Tales is the first-ever baby play mats that come with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial technology that kills 99.9% bacteria and microorganisms using a patented Japan technology. Sunny Tales is the most-hygiene baby play mats. It provides a safe and worry-free playing experience for kids. It protects and prevents injuries for babies and toddlers. It was designed with rounded edges, which is safer compared to other options. It is made of high-quality EVA foam, which provides a right combination of durable and soft material. It has a strong interlock that connects nicely between each pieces. It is also effortless to clean by using water and mild detergent. With impact absorption, 10mm thickness to absorb the impact of falling from kid or toddler. Sunny Tales can be quickly assembled and disassemble and stored easily if required.

How can baby mats be antibacterial? How those mats work?
All you have to do is to simply clean or rinse the mats with clean water before actually using them. Water allows the infused Silver Ions (Ag+) within the mats to be released out to the surface of mats, and those released powerful particles will kill any germs and bacteria that come in contact with the mats. The more it’s being washed, the stronger the antibacterial effectiveness and the efficacy can last for at least 6 years.

Borders & Corners are not included, sell separately.
Quantity : 28 Pieces
Thickness : 10mm
Size Per Piece : 320 x 10 x 320mm
Material : EVA Foam
Packaging : Box
Size : 650 x 155 x 330mm

-Anti-Microbial Formulation with Silver Ions
-Made from soft EVA foam, which protect and prevent injuries for babies and toddlers.
-Strong interlock.
-Includes numbers A-Z design.
-Get children familiar with alphabets, help to develop intelligence.
-Construct building blocks, puzzles or floor mats.
-Super high quality, safe, soft and durable.
-Easy to clean by using water and mild detergent.
-Impact absorption, 10mm thickness to absorb the impact of falling from kid or toddler.
-Design with removable alphabets shapes on the mats.
-Assemble and disassemble easily.
-Recommended ages of 10 months and above.